Maestro.from the Latin word "Magister" which means Master, master of an art form...such as cooking. When you join us for dinner you will quickly realize that we have a "Master" in the kitchen and we have mastered the art form of Hospitality. Once you enter our small and energized space you will be caught up in the buzz of great food, great wine, and great service. We put the love onto every plate and serve it to you in a wonderfully unpretentious and fun manner. Whether you join us for lunch, dinner, or one of our special wine dinners or other events you will be wowed! Remember, we cook with the seasons and use the freshest produce available to us. Our menus are ever changing. Enjoy reading our menus but we must warn you...if you are hungry they may just put you over the edge!

Menus are subject to change as we cook with the freshest ingredients each day that are avalaible