Lame Guy’s Night Out!

I love cooking and planning a future restaurant so I do it all the time without a break. I love to daydream and fantasize about all the smiling patrons devouring my delicious fare. What else would bring me more pleasure and satisfaction. I like to invest new dishes with unusual ingredients as people’s tastes these days are getting more eclectic. It is a challenge to stay ahead of the game in the competitive food industry. So many chefs have opened eateries that have failed, much to the chagrin of their backers. I will be ready to launch at the proper time. For now, I am completely preoccupied. My friends are always trying to get me out of the house without success. I always have excuses.

They try to lure me with appealing outings like eating in a new place, watching a movie about food (such as Like Water for Chocolate, the animation film Ratatouille, a personal favorite, and No Reservations). While I have seen them all, sometimes a gem is missed like the movie about food trucks – Chef done in 2014. Absolutely riveting. You don’t have to cook to love it. So, you can get me out of my shell. I set a date with my friend to visit the local indie movie house and was looking forward to a change of pace.

I didn’t get it. He showed up in the early evening at my door and as we settled into his car, he told me he had to run errands first. No, we are not going to the market, he comforted me. My son has an emergency, he said apologetically. He needs new soccer cleats for an upcoming game and there is no time to buy them online or else I would have gone to We were now headed to the nearest sporting goods store, not my idea of a fun outing. I am not athletic and would have preferred a trip to the mall to survey the new items at Williams Sonoma. This was turning out to be a lame night out. Being an agreeable soul, I went along for the ride, literally, and helped my buddy make his selection. There were plenty of choices for kids in snappy neon colors. Mostly I just stared at the offerings and muttered a word or two now and then. Without asking, I got the scoop on soccer cleats and the best brands.

By the time the cleats were placed in a bag and we exited the store, we were hungry and made a beeline to our favorite Italian café. After an hour, it was too late for the movie. Sure, I was disappointed but we managed to salvage the evening by sharing a good meal. We can always go to a “foodie movie” another time, assuming that there will be one! My friend says that his wife watches the Hallmark channel and most of the movies are about chefs or bakers. It is a super popular subject for women.