Office Ingredients

Life is all about cooking, eating—and recipes. From time to time, I allow a little exercise and socializing in for variety. I have garnered quite a few items over the years having been a chef and now a restaurant owner. The heart and soul of an eatery is the menu. It can’t be a static thing. So, I keep on experimenting and searching for new tastes to tantalize the customers. You can image that I have amassed quite a stash of stuff. I feel like my office is overflowing with paper. No wonder my latest purchase is a heavy duty shredder from Shredder Lab and a pair of filing cabinets. A clean and high-rated restaurant means organization top to bottom. My kitchen is an exemplar of pristine cleanliness and order. The office is just as perfect.

I call the new acquisitions my “office ingredients.” They are a practical mix of everyday, utilitarian objects. The shredder might be the oddball in the group, but, frankly, I use it more often than the stapler, hole puncher, paper cutter, or collating machine. At least, this is the case in recent weeks. My printer is always in production as I am requested to provide recipes and cookbooks upon demand from patrons and friends.

Thinking I would get ahead of the game, I once made over a hundred copies at once—consisting of 50 pages each. So, what do you do when you revise your cookbook and have to get rid of the obsolete version? So as not to mistake the old for the new, I got out the trusty shredder, ever grateful that I had selected the heavy duty model. I didn’t want any breakdowns before I was finished. No such bad luck. I had bags and bags of scraps—all books were neatly and consistently destroyed.

What else do you do with a shredder once it has performed its basic task—and has done it well. You don’t want to disrespect it and toss it out. It can’t help anyone in the kitchen, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t think of trying to julienne beets or green beans with its hefty blades. After all, you can’t regulate the size of your shredding. I learned my lesson about overprinting, so perhaps I will now give it a new home. My sister has a home office and enough space to house my sturdy friend. As for me, I will have room for a new color copier. I can make more recipe books at a time since it has a sorter and stapling system. No more hard labor assembling the cookbooks. I will have more time to run the kitchen and try out new dishes for the new season. Goodbye shredder. It’s been fun!