Restaurant Quality Equipment in Your Home Kitchen

I am a restaurant owner and chef, here to pass on some handy tips for you. After working in commercial kitchens for so long, there are a few things that I got used to using, like a commercial kitchen faucet, quality knives, multiple utility and bar sinks, etc. For me, it makes a huge difference in preparation and cleanup time. If you don’t know about restaurant equipment, let me tell you some of the basics. Many of them can be used in a home—and well they should if you take cooking seriously.  One of the first things to think about is the right kitchen faucet. There are many choices, and most are versatile as long as you install them correctly. Any faucet works most anywhere, commercial or not. You will want to decide on a wall or deck mount device. I like the former because it sits higher up and you have plenty of room to fill large pots. A commercial kitchen is also likely to have a pre-rinse model with spray attachment for streamlining washing. Of course, you may have a dishwasher on the premises. This type of faucet is great for getting all that stuck-on food off dishes. In some smaller restaurants, there is no time to recycle by running a half-hour long washer.

It is important that you can find the best commercial kitchen faucet, appliances (six-burner stove, for example) and sink for your restaurant’s needs. It may require a bit of remodeling. Your contractor will talk about connections and inlets (most faucets have two). Your preferred model must be compatible with the existing water lines. The there is the issue of the mounting holes in the sink if you wish a deck mount faucet. Did you know that you have to match the spacing and size of your home’s water lines? Let me give you an example to show why this is important., A pantry or pot filler faucet, commonly found in restaurants, has a single inlet. But don’t panic. Most hand sink faucets have flexible connectors and they work in most situations.

Once all this is resolved, it is time to choose the perfect nozzle or spout. Each type delivers water in a different way. It can be movable and is aptly called a swing or swivel. They come in all shapes and styles. It is wise to see a demonstration. Next comes spout length. Your faucet must fit within the sink. Don’t be surprised after the fact! Take measurements right from the start. It is comforting to know that you won’t necessarily have to buy a new sink. What is really fun is that you can have a hands-free touchless faucet to cut down on contact and the spreading of germs. Many restaurants use single lever or gooseneck faucets. The latter give you more clearance for hand washing and doing pots and pans. All these come in deck or wall mount.