Surround Yourself with a Good Team

A good chef needs time to develop recipes and try them out on people other than the regular customers. You want to give yourself time to adjust the ingredients and seasonings to make the dish perfect. A restaurant is not an easy business. Everyone wants specials and new tastes for their jaded palettes. I get ideas from everywhere. There are so many cuisines in the world. The globe is shrinking when it comes to dining out experiences.

New dishes are exciting for me, my family, and my employees as well. They love being guinea pigs and are always willing to whip up something I have concocted in the restaurant kitchen. Sometimes I have a party featuring all new recipes. It takes place at my house where everyone can feel comfortable and at home. Recently, when the staff was present, I encouraged them to play a pickup game of basketball using this in ground basketball hoop in my driveway. I installed in years ago and it has helped me hone my shots. It was meant to share with company and one or two of the staff have dropped by to be indulged. Imagine the entire crew in the front of the house tossing coins to see who goes first. Wouldn’t it be more pertinent if they tossed them to see who gets to try the new dishes. No matter, I am surrounded by a good team in two ways.

Everyone is a critic when I do this trial parties. They know that comments are welcome and anything not positive is taken with a grain of salt. I want the truth but in a pleasant manner. I don’t want anyone to make faces or mock the food. I want a real response to something that may be foreign to their tastes. If the meal is not pleasing, I will move on. Most of the time there is something they like about it. I might have to add salt or spiciness at best. When there is a consensus, the recipe is written down in final form and archived. If it fails, even after I tamper with it, the whole idea is trashed.

Writing and preparing a new recipe takes some concentration so you don’t accidentally misadd an ingredient. While the restaurant employees were enjoying their basketball, I was busy in the kitchen in the midst of creation. How I wanted to be outside with them! I think I could outshoot any one of them. They don’t know about my secret skills. Anything I do in life is eclipsed by my cooking talent. We all have another side to our nature, and often it is expressed in a favorite pastime or sport. Some people sing, dance, do artwork, garden, hike, or travel. Others gravitate to the court, field, or gym. It is pretty obvious when you drive by my house what I like. The hoop is eye-catching for sure. It makes the men remember their glory days and kids want to come over and join in.